Friendly 7.188 Net

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The Friendly Net was founded on July 15, 2009 by Trevor Ettienne KP2T and Aubrey Nelthropp KV4BT of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The Net started as a rag-chew. As time went by, the net started to grow where we began to have net controllers from different islands and countries. There are three sessions: the Rag-Chew, Early Bird, and the Regular session.

The Friendly Net has grown to become the largest 40 meter net in the Caribbean region. We support all nets around the Caribbean, letting all who join us give their support to all the different nets.

All licensed amateur radio operators are welcome to join. The Friendly Net's goal is to bring our small Caribbean amateur radio community together.

Week Day

1000-1100 UTC
1100-1200 UTC

8R1AK - Esmond  

KP4JM - Jose

J85K - Kumar

KP4JM - Jose

J85K - Kumar

Wednesday KV4BT - Aubrey

KP2Z - Tony

8P6JB - Ron
6Y5WW - William

VP2EIH - Ira

8R1WD - Peter

8R1AK - Esmond
KV4BT - Aubrey
   Please email; the evening before,
   if you will be unable to run your scheduled net slot.


It is desirable that the Net Control Station in the first hour, be located either in the North or South of the Eastern Caribbean; to allow for the "short-skip" conditions to improve.

There is a unique opportunity to institute a "CO" - Net Control program that will allow for a very comprehensive check-in procedure and enhance responses in a more critical emergency situation.

Stations desirous of joining the Net_Control_Team should use the 'Contact Us' link to communicate with Group Operations.

Kumar_J85K Net Coordinator


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